Lazy eye (amblyopia): Symptoms, causes, and treatment - adult amblyopia


Amblyopia Treatment for Adults – Is It Possible? adult amblyopia

If you're an adult who suffers from lazy eye, there's good news! It's never too late for treatment. Find out more.

We field inquiries literally from all over the world regarding amblyopia treatment for adults. The question is always the same: Am I too old to get treatment for my lazy eye? Many people confuse lazy eye with strabismus, which can be “crossed eyes” or any type of eye turn.

Amblyopia is a visual developmental disorder in which the vision through one eye fails to develop properly in early childhood. The deficit is not in the eye itself.

In fact, many scientific studies on neuroplasticity of the brain in adults are now showing that therapies can improve the vision in amblyopic or lazy eye conditions.