Items You Should Not Flush Down The Septic Tank - condoms in spetic system


Toilet & Drain Clogs: Never Flush These Things Down the Toilet or Other Drain condoms in spetic system

A condom in the septic tank will probably join other debris in the tank's floating scum layer, and will be removed at the next tank pump-out. Of course, if.

Habits being habits, I flushed a condom into the system. Everywhere I search lists this as one of the number one things not to put into a septic.

This holds in situations where you are using a septic, grinder or sewage eject or pump in your septic system. Condoms, cotton swabs, dental floss and tampons.

Originally Posted by Hope1964 View Post A septic tank is an anaerobic environment so this result may mean nothing, as it is under aerobic.