The Raft Experiment, Sex And Sedition At Sea, Now A Fascinating Film - experiment and sex


Sex raft in the 70s was the ORIGINAL Love Island and CBB - but more x-rated experiment and sex

Whatever it is that might cause your nerves to rise or your self-talk to get negative fast, there are ways to experiment with your sexuality, or to at.

Dr. Santiago Genovese set sail in hoping to study the interactions of 11 strangers from different countries, races, religions and languages who were confined to a tiny raft as it floated across the Atlantic for days. The Mexican professor tried to recreate those fraught.

Then he read a book called Mad Science: Amazing Experiments from the History of Science, which contained an account of Santiago.

Originally dubbed a “peace project” but soon rechristened a “sex raft” by the world's press, The Acali Experiment saw five men and six women.