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Yesterday, we revealed the secret behind Katy Perry's amazing cleavage: a bit of loo roll stuck in her bra. And it got us reminiscing about the.

Ellen DeGeneres tweeted a photo of her jokingly checking out Katy Perry's boobs, and the internet is definitely buzzing about it. Page Six describes how some people promptly freaked out, as you might have predicted. British TV personality Piers Morgan was among those supposedly.

Today in celebrity gossip: Katy Perry finally breaks her silence about her upper chest area, positive progress for several hard-living celebrities, and Eddie Murphy does NOT appreciate comedians pretending to be his son. (My drift is currently referring to Katy Perry's bust size.).

Katy Perry says her boobs are not only all natural, they are a total gift from God. Katy Perry has some major assets — and we're not talking.