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coenzyme q10 skin penetration

Int J Tissue React. 1988;10(2):103-5. Skin penetration of CoQ10 in the rat. Giovannini L(1), Bertelli AA, Scalori V, Dell'Osso L, Alessandrì MG, Mian M.

Ubiquinone (coenzyme Q10, Q10) represents an endogenously synthesized In skin, endogenous Q10 levels decline with increasing age 14. .. that topically applied Q10 can penetrate the skin, is metabolically transformed.

Skin Penetration of Coenzyme Q10 in Nanostructure Lipid Carriers. Using Olive Oil and Cetyl Palmitate. Fenita Shoviantari, Tristiana Erawati*.

To improve its permeability through topical a CoQ10 NE reduced the skin wrinkles and gave the skin smooth appearance. Our investigation.