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What means Hung in Grindr? What does Hung on Grindr? – What means… dick hung well

He is well hung: He has a large penis. Wow, that guy is either well hung or he stuck a ball down his pants. by Newbia June 29, a guy who has a big dick.

to have a big dick. Often used with "well-" as an adjective, or else as a simile, as in "hung like a James is so well-hung his party trick is to tie a knot in it.

He was a tall slender white guy, very well endowed, and he was proud of it. .. I wasn't even familiar with “hung” being a term for having a big dick. Well.

Anyone who has a penis knows that it's “desirable” to be well-hung. Moving on, number four on the list of big dick cities is Atlanta, Georgia.